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IUP Communications Media Department Prospective Students Campaign

This social media marketing campaign was developed for the Communications Media Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Out of thirty applicants, this one was chosen to be implemented in the future, as the department intends to further its reach to prospective students.

#SOLOVED Easter Campaign

The following graphics were designed to be used on social media, primarily Instagram, to promote Amplify Church's 2017 Easter series. 

Social Media Posts

Screen Graphics

The Student Activity Committee (STATIC) and The Entertainment Network (TEN)

The following posters were designed for STATIC and TEN events hosted from Fall 2015 through Spring 2019. 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The following were designed for IUP's Welcome Weekend 2016 for incoming students.

Creation Festival Article

This graphic was created to accompany a self-written article about Creation Festival for Big City Thoughts Magazine.

IUP-TV Live Events

These posters were designed for a student-constructed promotions event for an existing IUP-TV show. Although the undertaking was a group effort, the graphics for the event were designed entirely by myself. 

Other Work